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  • EN [ smɜ:k]
  • US [ smɜrk]

English definition


  • 1. a smile expressing smugness or scorn instead of pleasure


  • 1. smile affectedly or derisively

Example sentences

  • Ikkaku only reply with a smirk and posing ready to fight.

  • He said, with something of a smirk.

  • Does George Bush possess a disarming grin, or a facetious smirk?

  • To smirk or laugh in contempt or derision.

  • Wipe that smirk off your face!

  • She knew Ken hated being babied but persisted after a quick glance at Joe's smirk.

  • That time will beat the other side edge tears, but also a smirk.

  • I'll smack that smirk off your face, punk!

  • She gave a knowing smirk.

  • Come on, professor, does not smirk at me like that.

  • He made no attempt to conceal his smirk.

  • Compare smirk, sneer, frown, scowl and grimace.

  • Toad began to sit up in his chair again, and to smirk a little.

  • No smirk, no sneer , no frown of bewilderment, even.

  • There are only two styles of portrait painting: the serious and the smirk.

  • To the people who insult our nationalistic fervour, I see the dark smirk on your face!

  • A smirk flickered at the corner of his mouth as he watched my struggle.

  • She had a selfsatisfied smirk on her face.

  • Her mouth was drawn back into a smirk of triumph.

  • It was hard not to smirk.


Meaning of smirk

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