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  • EN [ saʊnd]
  • US [ saʊnd]

English definition


  • 1. the particular auditory effect produced by a given cause;

    • "the sound of rain on the roof"
    • "the beautiful sound of music"
  • 2. the subjective sensation of hearing something;

    • "he strained to hear the faint sounds"
  • 3. mechanical vibrations transmitted by an elastic medium;

    • "falling trees make a sound in the forest even when no one is there to hear them"
  • 4. the sudden occurrence of an audible event;

    • "the sound awakened them"
  • 5. the audible part of a transmitted signal;

    • "they always raise the audio for commercials"
  • 6. (phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language

  • 7. a narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of water

  • 8. a large ocean inlet or deep bay;

    • "the main body of the sound ran parallel to the coast"


  • 1. appear in a certain way;

    • "This sounds interesting"
  • 2. make a certain noise or sound;

    • "She went `Mmmmm'"
    • "The gun went `bang'"
  • 3. give off a certain sound or sounds;

    • "This record sounds scratchy"
  • 4. announce by means of a sound;

    • "sound the alarm"
  • 5. utter with vibrating vocal chords

  • 6. cause to sound;

    • "sound the bell"
    • "sound a certain note"
  • 7. measure the depth of (a body of water) with a sounding line


  • 1. financially secure and safe;

    • "sound investments"
    • "a sound economy"
  • 2. exercising or showing good judgment;

    • "healthy scepticism"
    • "a healthy fear of rattlesnakes"
    • "the healthy attitude of French laws"
    • "healthy relations between labor and management"
    • "an intelligent solution"
    • "a sound approach to the problem"
    • "sound advice"
    • "no sound explanation for his decision"
  • 3. in good condition; free from defect or damage or decay;

    • "a sound timber"
    • "the wall is sound"
    • "a sound foundation"
  • 4. in excellent physical condition;

    • "good teeth"
    • "I still have one good leg"
    • "a sound mind in a sound body"
  • 5. reflects weight of sound argument or evidence;

    • "a sound argument"
  • 6. having legal efficacy or force;

    • "a sound title to the property"
  • 7. free from moral defect;

    • "a man of sound character"
  • 8. (of sleep) deep and complete;

    • "a heavy sleep"
    • "fell into a profound sleep"
    • "a sound sleeper"
    • "deep wakeless sleep"
  • 9. thorough;

    • "a sound thrashing"


  • 1. deeply or completely;

    • "slept soundly through the storm"
    • "is sound asleep"

Example sentences

  • Sound waves will not travel through a vacuum.

  • Sound travels slower than light.

  • The sound has to be coordinated with the picture.

  • He can make ordinary things sound interesting.

  • On the morning of New Year's Day, people woke to the sound of firecrackers.

  • Judging by the sound of his voice, the man couldn't be very young.

  • I'm glad to see you home safe and sound.

  • The sound of the car died away in the distance.

  • If you don't like the way we're doing the job, sound off!

  • I could hear the sound of a babbling brook.

  • A long vowel is a long sound as in the word'shoe ".

  • The earthquake began with a deep [ low ] rumbling sound.

  • Alarmed at the first sound, we hit the dirt.

  • Can you sound your friend out and see whether he will help?

  • He likes to awake to the sound of a radio.

  • The hall is bad in sound.

  • The new airplane flies at twice the speed of sound.

  • They amplified their sound.

  • He had done his homework before the tour started, and his basic ideas were sound.

  • The sharp sound of a twig snapping scared the badger away.

  • This book is sound in content and lively in style.

  • The sound has reached its maximum.

  • The sound of revelry filled the house yesterday.

  • The fragile china survived the bumpy journey safe and sound.

  • The sound of martial music is always inspiring.

  • the National Sound Archive

  • the sound of footsteps on the stairs

  • I could hear the sound of his ragged breathing.

  • She scuttled off when she heard the sound of his voice.

  • The first year provides students with a sound theoretical basis for later study.

Phrase collocation

  • (as) sound as a bell

    in perfect condition

  • sound off

    To express one's views vigorously

    • was always sounding off about higher taxes.

    To count cadence when marching in military formation.


  • sound off

    • The leaders have sounded off on various issues.

    • Don't just sound off without raising your hand.

    • He's always sounding off about what a big shot he is.

    • Keep it a secret. Don't sound off about it.

Synonym discrimination

  • healthy, sound, robust, well, strong, vigorous, sturdy, tough, wholesome, fit

  • noise, sound, voice


Meaning of sound

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