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  • EN [ ˈsteɪbl]
  • US [ ˈsteɪbl]

English definition


  • 1. a farm building for housing horses or other livestock


  • 1. shelter in a stable;

    • "stable horses"


  • 1. resistant to change of position or condition;

    • "a stable ladder"
    • "a stable peace"
    • "a stable relationship"
    • "stable prices"
  • 2. firm and dependable; subject to little fluctuation;

    • "the economy is stable"
  • 3. not taking part readily in chemical change

  • 4. maintaining equilibrium

  • 5. showing little if any change;

    • "a static population"

Example sentences

  • He is a very stable person.

  • Prices have been stable for a while, but they are beginning to edge up again now.

  • Mentally she's very stable.

  • Prices at the fairs are stable with a slight decline.

  • The patient's blood pressure is stable.

  • We need a stable government.

  • The supply is ample and prices are stable.

  • The prices of the commodities are quite stable this year.

  • There are two horses in the stable , eating their heads off and doing no work.

  • Prices are stable and the market is brisk.

  • This chair isn't very stable.

  • I used stable muck as a mulch for my roses.

  • He was not emotionally stable enough to think through his decision.

  • The soldiers violated the church by using it as a stable.

  • The enemy desecrate the church by using it as a stable.

  • The stable situation of our country today was hard won.

  • Prices remain stable throughout.

  • Make sure the tripod is stable.

  • I'm glad she has become such a stable character.

  • Carbon steels exist in three stable crystalline phases.

  • He went to the small stable where his horse was, harnessed it, mounted, and rode out to the beach.

  • Their characters are fully formed and they are both very stable children.

  • This structure must be stable.

  • Doctors said his condition was serious but stable.

  • We'vegot stable labor, decreasing interest rates, low oil prices.

  • A united Germany must be firmly anchored in NATO if Europe is to remain stable.

  • As chief executive, he assembled a polished stable of celebrities.

  • They found Trish sitting on the cobbles of the stable yard.


  • stable

    • She's part of his stable of writers.

    • The stable is going to dilapidate soon.

Synonym discrimination

  • firm, stable, steady


Meaning of stable

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