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  • EN [ ˈsteɪʃn]
  • US [ ˈsteɪʃn]

English definition


  • 1. a facility equipped with special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose;

    • "he started looking for a gas station"
    • "the train pulled into the station"
  • 2. proper or designated social situation;

    • "he overstepped his place"
    • "the responsibilities of a man in his station"
    • "married above her station"
  • 3. (nautical) the location to which a ship or fleet is assigned for duty

  • 4. the position where someone (as a guard or sentry) stands or is assigned to stand;

    • "a soldier manned the entrance post"
    • "a sentry station"


  • 1. assign to a station

Example sentences

  • We must change at the next station for Chicago.

  • She has gone to the station.

  • The stranger asked me to direct him to the station.

  • I wanted to go to the station, but I was misdirected.

  • The school is three miles distant from the station.

  • Excuse me, does this road lead to the railway station?

  • She is a woman of high station.

  • When all passengers were on board, the train pulled out of the station.

  • The station goes off the air after midnight.

  • Please take delivery of the goods at the station next Friday.

  • Our village is close to the railway station.

  • It is ten kilometres to the station.

  • There are only five minutes to go. You might just manage to get to the station, but you're cutting it rather fine.

  • We get down at the next station.

  • The court laid the young thief under an obligation to report to the police station once a week.

  • He dials his favourite station every morning.

  • A child came up to me and showed me the way to the station.

  • After a long journey, we got to a petrol station at last.

  • He stepped up to me to ask his way to the station.

  • They got on at this station.

  • a newly built station

  • Arriving at the railway station, I put local knowledge to the test and ask a taxi driver.

  • The railway station smelt powerfully of cats and drains.

  • He expected to be at East Grinstead station in a matter of hours.

  • An automatic weather station feeds information on wind direction to the computer.

  • Yesterday they continued the search, digging up the back yard of a police station.

  • An alarm links the police station to the divisional headquarters.

Synonym discrimination

  • station, stop, terminal


Meaning of station

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