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  • EN [ 'stɪkɪnəs]
  • US [ 'stɪkɪnəs]

English definition


  • 1. the property of sticking to a surface

Example sentences

  • Reduced tackiness and stickiness during and after application.

  • To remove stickiness use a damp cloth.

  • Allows temperature and revolution to be adjusted to paint'quality and stickiness.

  • Increase paper strength and fold - resistance and improve stickiness in paper cellulose.

  • There is relatively strong nominal price stickiness in China's commodity market.

  • The nominal wage stickiness is good for explaining the nominal price stickiness.

  • Stickiness, as that of a newly painted surface.

  • Meanwhile, the paint membrane decorates well because of its excellent hardness, flexibility , strong stickiness and fast - dry.

  • Albumin is a stickiness, gelatinous nature of the material, the effectiveness of metal poisoning have detoxification.

  • It is characterized by the high solubility, and high stickiness at low temperature.

  • FEATURES: upper and lower pressing wheel feed to increase the stickiness between the cloth and leather.

  • The nominal price stickiness is the micro reasons for the money output effect.

  • Good stickiness, good holding ability 、 good clearance of impurity in depression and no incomplete glue.

  • The stickiness of factor flow is an important reason of the non - equilibrium of regional economy.

  • By stickiness, I mean how long a visitor explores various web pages on your site.


Meaning of stickiness

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