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  • EN [ stræp]
  • US [ stræp]

English definition


  • 1. an elongated leather strip (or or strip of similar material) for binding things together or holding something in position

  • 2. hanger consisting of a loop of leather suspended from the ceiling of a bus or train; passengers hold onto it

  • 3. a band that goes over the shoulder and supports a garment or bag

  • 4. whip consisting of a strip of leather used in flogging


  • 1. tie with a strap

  • 2. beat severely with a whip or rod;

    • "The teacher often flogged the students"
    • "The children were severely trounced"
  • 3. sharpen with a strap;

    • "strap a razor"
  • 4. secure (a sprained joint) with a strap

Example sentences

  • Is there an updated daily record of inspector checking the ESD wrist strap continuity?

  • He always ties a black strap during practice time.

  • After putting on the headgear , shoes or gloves , fix them firmly with strap.

  • Padded nylon carrying pouch with shoulder strap included.

  • Strap your razor before shaving.

  • Correct a lips strap to lead short can make strap resection.

  • The most complicated of all forms of binding is the working of wraps and strap openings.

  • Adjustable strap and zip pockets on the front and back.

  • There are also folds on shirt under the holster strap which makes the integration look better.

  • Back of the bag and strap are solid burgundy colored cotton.

  • Wordlessly I bared my back and he lashed me with a strap.

  • Strap looks valued, which can fit into top grade and gold watches.

  • If funds are limited, choose a watch with a strap over with a bracelet.

  • Back shelf and back strap made from special fiber high strength anti foaming engineering material.

  • This is repeated , keeping constant tension on strap, until its application is complete.

  • The strap is too loose. Tighten it up a bit.

  • I need a new watch strap.

  • I stuffed everything in my bag, slung the strap over my shoulder, and sucked in abreath.

  • Climbers can strap sharp nails on to help get a foothold on a slippery slope.

  • Through the basement window I saw him strap on his pink cycling helmet.

  • She stared at the floor, idly playing with the strap of her handbag.

  • She pulled the strap of her nightgown onto her shoulder.

  • I undid my watch strap.

  • There were no instructions on how to fasten the carrying strap to the box.

  • Nancy gripped the strap of her beach bag.


Meaning of strap

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