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  • EN [ strəʊl]
  • US [ stroʊl]

English definition


  • 1. a leisurely walk (usually in some public place)


  • 1. walk leisurely and with no apparent aim

Example sentences

  • Go out to take a stroll very easily, and guest house here also very comfortable cheapness.

  • Stroll through the beauty of nature and relax in the graceful pavilions to lighten your heart.

  • How do you konw the feeling? Today got heavy rain in England, are you stroll?

  • In a nice environment, it feels really good a stroll a look at the scenery.

  • There are several first calf, a dozen different coat color of Yanger grazing in leisurely stroll.

  • A moonlight stroll on the beach sounds like a great way to end the evening.

  • Holidaymakers can take a stroll along the soft sand beach to enjoy the charming scenery.

  • After breakfast. I'll go for a stroll round the town.

  • As Sara takes a stroll through a park, she gets a call from Michael.

  • She looked back up the lighted step, and then affected to stroll up the street.

  • We usually stroll everywhere in the city center, seeing our friends possibly.

  • We are ready to take a stroll in the village.

  • Mignt I suggest a stroll after lunch?

  • Do you feel like a stroll?

  • Love is an endless path, one must stroll on through his life.

  • What about a stroll before we start work again?

  • Takeboat ride on the palace's serene Kunming Lake. Then stroll through the lush royal gardens.

  • Would you stroll into a police station afterward and take a guy hostage?

  • They were taking a promiscuous stroll when it began to rain.

  • Old people taking a morning stroll can be seen everywhere in the park.

  • I am rather fond of a solitary stroll in the country.

  • The idea never appealed to me very much, but one day, after a heavy shower, I happened to be walking in my garden when I noticed a huge number of snails taking a stroll on some of my prize plants.

  • Perhaps he'd followed her suggestion of a stroll to the river.

  • It was too hot even for a gentle stroll.

  • A gentleman to the last, he did not run, but merely attempted to stroll away.

  • A casual observer would have taken them to be three men out for an evening stroll.

  • They look happy and relaxed as they stroll in the sunshine on a shopping trip.

  • For an evening stroll the beach at Dieppe is hard to beat.

  • Let's have a nice little stroll, shall we?

  • They went for a stroll along the waterfront.

Synonym discrimination

  • roam, stroll, wander, ramble

  • walk, stride, stroll, strut, pace


Meaning of stroll

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