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  • EN [ strɒŋ]
  • US [ strɔːŋ]

English definition


  • 1. having strength or power greater than average or expected;

    • "a strong radio signal"
    • "strong medicine"
    • "a strong man"
  • 2. used of syllables or musical beats

  • 3. not faint or feeble;

    • "a strong odor of burning rubber"
  • 4. having or wielding force or authority;

    • "providing the ground soldier with increasingly potent weapons"
  • 5. having a strong physiological or chemical effect;

    • "a potent toxin"
    • "potent liquor"
    • "a potent cup of tea"
  • 6. able to withstand attack;

    • "an impregnable fortress"
    • "fortifications that made the frontier inviolable"
  • 7. of good quality and condition; solidly built;

    • "a solid foundation"
    • "several substantial timber buildings"
  • 8. of verbs not having standard (or regular) inflection;

    • "`sing' is a strong verb"
  • 9. having a high alcoholic content;

    • "hard liquor"
  • 10. freshly made or left;

    • "a warm trail"
    • "the scent is warm"
  • 11. strong and sure;

    • "a firm grasp"
    • "gave a strong pull on the rope"

Example sentences

  • He is now well over sixty, but is still going strong.

  • He twisted the three ropes to make one very strong rope.

  • He has a strong desire to meet you.

  • She is still going strong on the last lap.

  • The hay was so well stacked that it kept up even in strong winds.

  • How strong are you?

  • This wine has a strong delayed effect.

  • My mother is still going strong though she is in her seventies.

  • His determination remains as strong as ever despite all the setbacks he has encountered.

  • We live too far from the city to get a strong television signal.

  • She has a strong musical bias.

  • He appears to be strong and healthy , but , as a matter of fact, he suffers from a very weak heart.

  • Some acids are strong enough to burn the wood.

  • They reminded me that one can be strong only when united with the collective.

  • Such strong criticism was completely unwarranted.

  • Prices [ Markets ] are strong.

  • I'll make a strong case for your complaint.

  • He breaks up strong ground with a pick.

  • A valiant assault force does not fear a strong fortress.

  • Admiral Nelson is a strong man.

  • Cass let out in all directions but his attackers were too strong for him.

  • The defences of the city are strong.

  • He is very old, yet he is quite strong.

  • Last night's strong wind nearly took the roof off!

  • The boss was a firm believer in developing strong teamwork.

  • Strong tides make swimming dangerous.

  • Bismarck ruled Germany by a strong hand.

  • The boy has a strong character.

  • The antagonism he felt towards his old enemy was still very strong.

  • Athens had strong ties to the Arab world.

Phrase collocation

  • come on strong informal 非正式

    behave aggressively or assertively, especially in making sexual advances to someone

    improve one's position considerably

    • he came on strong towards the end of the round.

  • going strong

    (informal)continuing to be healthy, vigorous, or successful

    • the programme is still going strong after twelve series.

  • strong on

    good at

    • he is strong on comedy.

  • strong meat

    (Brit.)ideas or language likely to be found unacceptably forceful or extreme

  • one's strong point

    something at which one excels

    • arithmetic had never been my strong point.

Synonym discrimination

  • healthy, sound, robust, well, strong, vigorous, sturdy, tough, wholesome, fit


Meaning of strong

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