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  • EN [ səbˈdju:d]
  • US [ səbˈdud]

English definition


  • 1. in a softened tone;

    • "hushed voices"
    • "muted trumpets"
    • "a subdued whisper"
    • "a quiet reprimand"
  • 2. restrained in style or quality;

    • "a little masterpiece of low-keyed eloquence"
  • 3. quieted and brought under control;

    • "children were subdued and silent"
  • 4. lacking in light; not bright or harsh;

    • "a dim light beside the bed"
    • "subdued lights and soft music"

Example sentences

  • Bright gold catches the eye while darker subdued shades of gold lend richness and warmth.

  • He subdued a desire to laugh.

  • Tasteful, subdued lighting sprang up around an elegant interior lounge.

  • The Greek dye was subdued in me, I suppose.

  • Boosting domestic demand would make Germany less dependent on export markets, which are likely to subdued.

  • This round of matches still subdued, are strong professional victory.

  • I felt strangely subdued when it was all over.

  • He shook his head with a subdued " h'm. "

  • KJV I should soon have subdued their enemies, and turned my hand against their adversaries.

  • There is a subdued atmosphere in the school at exam time.

  • After a fierce battle , the troops subdued these rebels in the forest.

  • So God subdued on that day Jabin the king of Canaan before the sons of Israel.

  • The rebellious dragon was quite humbled and subdued, and became a most creditable younger brother.

  • She was dressed in grey and looked suitably subdued.

  • His soothing words subdued her fears.

  • Breakfast was a very subdued affair.

  • Children were subdued and silent.

  • Confessedly defeated, he was properly tame now and subdued. Aleck forgave him with her eyes.

  • The country was subdued by the enemy.

  • The sound of their motors filtering back in a subdued gentle rumble.

  • This was the last argument which completely subdued the priest.

  • The subdued talk in the room faded down.

  • Thus the children of Ammon were subdued before the children of Israel.

  • Both the colour and pattern of this printed silk are very subdued and in good taste.

  • He seemed a bit subdued to me.

  • The lighting was subdued.

  • He faced the press, initially, in a somewhat subdued mood.

  • The audience are strangely subdued, clapping politely after each song.



Meaning of subdued

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