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  • EN [ sweɪð]
  • US [ swɑð, swɔð, sweð]

English definition


  • 1. an enveloping bandage


  • 1. wrap in swaddling clothes;

    • "swadddle the infant"

Example sentences

  • The credit crunch is a swathe through the US financial sector.

  • A huge swathe of Dantewada, where no roads penetrate the forest, remains outside the government's control.

  • His mother in the house looked out of and swathe two get closer and closer.

  • Fierce internal rows , plus a swathe of corruption scandals, led to the dismissal of the government.

  • Bill tried to show off and cut a big swathe with Ann.

  • FLOODWATERS have lain waste to an almost unbelievably large swathe of Pakistan.

  • The farmer cut a swathe in the field with his scythe.

  • The storm cut a swathe through the forest.

  • We fired together and cut a swathe in the lines of enemey soldiers.

  • Outside the city a swathe of farmland the size of Portugal has been destroyed.

  • The combine had cut a swathe around the edge of the field.

  • Torrential rain and a howling tempest cut a swathe of destruction across the country.

  • On May 1st the army took over another swathe of territory.

  • The storm cut a swathe through southern England.

  • Keegan's team have been cutting an irresistible swathe through the first division.

Phrase collocation

  • cut a swathe through

    pass through (something) causing great damage, destruction, or change

    • Aids has cut a swathe through battalions of ordinary people.

  • cut a wide swath

    (US)attract a great deal of attention by trying to impress others


Meaning of swathe

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