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  • EN [ ˈθʌrəbred]
  • US [ ˈθɜroʊbred]

English definition


  • 1. a well-bred person

  • 2. a racehorse belonging to a breed that originated from a cross between Arabian stallions and English mares

  • 3. a pedigreed animal of unmixed lineage; used especially of horses


  • 1. having a list of ancestors as proof of being a purebred animal

Example sentences

  • The dog is a real thoroughbred.

  • She was riding a thoroughbred horse.

  • Breeders of thoroughbred animals perpetuate genetic disorders to keep pedigrees pure.

  • Mr Dolphus Raymond lurched by on his thoroughbred.

  • Therefore discipline yourself as a horse - dealer trains a thoroughbred.

  • A shower of thoroughBred horses; a shower of great affection.

  • Horse Racing and Thoroughbred Sales go hand in hand at Magic Millions.

  • Josie: That's not surprising because it's not a thoroughbred, it's a mongrel.

  • Usain Bolt roared out of the blocks, accelerating like a thoroughbred.

  • This daughter of the shadows was thoroughbred.

  • All the Performance of a Thoroughbred Sports Car.

  • He's a thoroughbred boxer with an outstanding pedigree.

  • Thoroughbred horses are highly - strung animals and do not like loud noises or sudden movements.

  • Perhaps I ain't a thoroughbred, but I at for become a thoroughbred but effort!

  • This thoroughbred roadster has strong roots in racing, especially in the Mille Miglia.


Meaning of thoroughbred

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