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  • EN [ ˈtɒksɪk]
  • US [ ˈtɑːksɪk]

English definition


  • 1. of or relating to or caused by a toxin or poison;

    • "suffering from exposure to toxic substances"

Example sentences

  • Whole plant is toxic even the smoke from burning the plant.

  • Classics medicine home analyses and verify, it is to depend on so toxic.

  • Toxic chemicals , such as those used for boiler treatment, shall NEVER be introduced into this system.

  • Aflatoxin B _ 1 ( AFB _ 1 ) is a highly toxic secondary metabolite produced predominantly by some fungal strains.

  • The sulfur dyes are noted for their toxic properties.

  • There are more toxic substances in most households than upon the battlefield.

  • Led to the ban of DDT because of its highly toxic nature.

  • Clothes and sheets smell better without adding possibly toxic chemicals to your body and the environment.

  • Objective : To study the toxic and pharmocodynamic effects of sustained release preparation of norcantharidin ( NCTD ).

  • Toxic cyanobacteria, commonly referred to as pond scum , turned the big lake fluorescent green.

  • A substance, such as a toxic gas, or an event, such as drowning, that induces asphyxia.

  • Toxic chemicals should be handled carefully.

  • Dr. Leo Schep is making a highly toxic concentrate from the leaves of a hemlock plant.

  • The factory had accidentally released a quantity of toxic waste into the sea.

  • The flames have created toxic fumes in the capital of Moscow.

  • When spilled into the sea, oil can be toxic to marine plants and animals.

  • Too much toxic waste is being dumped at sea.

  • a leakage of toxic waste into the sea

  • Nuclear weapons plants across the country are heavily contaminated with toxic wastes.

  • Toxic waste could endanger lives and poison fish.

  • The blast sent a huge mushroom cloud of toxic gas into the air.

  • Unfortunately these drugs are quite toxic and hinder the body's ability to fight off infection.

  • Toxicologists attempt to identify and understand toxic hazards.

  • A new centre for research on toxic waste was inaugurated today at Imperial College.

  • Lead can accumulate in the body until toxic levels are reached.

  • Up to 10 million tonnes of toxic wastes are produced every year in the UK.


Meaning of toxic

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