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  • EN [ traɪˈbju:nl]
  • US [ traɪˈbjunəl, trɪ-]

English definition


  • 1. an assembly (including one or more judges) to conduct judicial business

Example sentences

  • The matter has been remitted to a higher tribunal.

  • The tribunal should act in good faith.

  • What will follow if the tribunal judges badly?

  • The rent tribunal reduced my rent.

  • He was brought before the tribunal for trial.

  • He added that only a tribunal supported by all Lebanese parties can be effective.

  • It is the first time a former African leader went on trial at an international tribunal.

  • In an unprecedented move, the tribunal ask the witness to sing a song.

  • No words which of universal application to every of inquiry and every of tribunal.

  • The arbitration tribunal shall implement the decision arbitration commission.

  • Outsiders say that the government is trying to limit the tribunal, which it as an imposition.

  • Anderson's legal profession started in the early s with's International Trade Tribunal national office in Beijing.

  • The tribunal discus the question of redundancy payment.

  • The Labour Tribunal hears civil claims arising from contracts of employment.

  • It be relegated from to the third division by a sports tribunal in Rome.

  • The case has been remitted from the appeal court to a lesser tribunal.

  • Inturn he accused her of dressing inappropriately – a charge dismissed by the tribunal.

  • Upon permission of the arbitral tribunal, the parties may ask the authenticator questions.

  • They were handed over to a military tribunal for trial.

  • She took her case to a tribunal.

  • If the clubs cannot conclude a deal, an independent tribunal will decide.

  • Last February the tribunal agreed he had been the victim of racial discrimination.

  • The tribunal is unique because Mr Jones is not subject to the normal police discipline code.

  • Nearly 100 law firms are being referred to the Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal.

  • His case comes before an industrial tribunal in March.

  • He told the tribunal his career had "taken a nosedive" since his dismissal last year.

  • Do not have any illusions that an industrial tribunal will right all employment wrongs.

  • The accused will appear before a specially constituted military tribunal.

  • They were sentenced by a military tribunal sitting in camera.

  • An industrial tribunal has no jurisdiction to decide whether an employee was fairly or unfairly dismissed.


Meaning of tribunal

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