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  • EN [ trʌk]
  • US [ trʌk]

English definition


  • 1. an automotive vehicle suitable for hauling

  • 2. a handcart that has a frame with two low wheels and a ledge at the bottom and handles at the top; used to move crates or other heavy objects


  • 1. convey (goods etc.) by truck;

    • "truck fresh vegetables across the mountains"

Example sentences

  • Truck after truck was set ablaze as the fire spread.

  • I shall have no truck with such people.

  • We hitched a ride in a truck yesterday.

  • The truck turned over.

  • The truck veered off the road and crashed into a tree.

  • The thieves rammed their truck into the jeweller's window.

  • A big truck tried to get into a small parking space and fouled up traffic.

  • The Arkansan nodded understandingly and said, " Yep. I had a truck like that once.

  • The heavy truck cut up the new lawn.

  • The path is too narrow for a truck to pass.

  • He has been driving a truck for years and never had an accident.

  • The truck was sent to carry lumber.

  • All afternoon we heaved bales of hay up onto the truck.

  • The truck shows scarcely any sign of wear and tear.

  • He is engaged in truck farming.

  • This truck is of unknown origin.

  • They hitched a ride in a truck.

  • a fully loaded truck

  • "Look out!" somebody shouted, as the truck started to roll toward the sea.

  • As an American, she had no truck with the painful formality of English life.

  • The truck lumbered across the parking lot toward the road.

  • The lights from the truck sent a wash of pale light over the snow.

  • The truck hit a bump and bounced.

  • The truck pulled away, and she listened to the rattling noises fade down the lane.

  • He put the truck in gear and drove on.

  • When he's out on the road, office calls are forwarded to the cellular phone in his truck.

  • I've just loaded my truck up.

  • Don't leave your truck there.

Phrase collocation

  • have (或 want) no truck with

    avoid or wish to avoid dealings or being associated with

    • we have no truck with that style of gutter journalism.

Synonym discrimination

  • car, bus, truck, lorry, coach, automobile, jeep, carriage, waggon

Meaning of truck

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