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Example sentences

  • They were reported to be unloading trucks filled with looted furniture.

  • It's going to cost me over $100,000 to buy new trucks.

  • They were loaded on the railway trucks to go to Liverpool.

  • Cars and trucks have been torched, bottles and bricks thrown.

  • With its own fleet of trucks, the company delivers most orders overnight.

  • Critics claim the trucks are unsafe.

  • The earth-moving trucks and cement mixers lay idle.

  • The trucks waited at the warehouse to pick up their loads.

  • Cars and trucks swooshed past.

  • We could feel the vibrations from the trucks passing outside.

  • A couple of tanks convoyed the trucks across the border.

  • Cars, trucks and buses produce exhaust nearly as harmful as the factories.

  • The bridge is wide enough for trucks to pass.

  • The trucks were forced to divert to another road.

  • A convoy of heavy trucks rumbled past.

Meaning of trucks

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