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  • EN [ ˌʌndəˈɡəʊ]
  • US [ ˌʌndərˈɡoʊ]

English definition


  • 1. of mental or physical states or experiences;

    • "get an idea"
    • "experience vertigo"
    • "get nauseous"
    • "undergo a strange sensation"
    • "The chemical undergoes a sudden change"
    • "The fluid undergoes shear"
    • "receive injuries"
    • "have a feeling"
  • 2. go or live through;

    • "We had many trials to go through"
    • "he saw action in Viet Nam"
  • 3. accept or undergo, often unwillingly;

    • "We took a pay cut"

Example sentences

  • This is gas about to undergo further treatment.

  • Obviously, if the various bars sustain forces they will undergo extension or contraction.

  • Some of the excited atoms undergo radiative deexcitation.

  • These recommendations will no doubt undergo revision as more data and experience accumulate.

  • I'll verify everyone I undergo that you're a C. I. rat. And I a aggregation of people.

  • She will undergo immediate treatment.

  • This resolution shall undergo a ballot before its final version is determined.

  • Chicken, duck egg to undergo a rigorous disinfection, painted on it.

  • The question is any possibility that this class will undergo a change in the present circumstances.

  • Each element has at least one isotope with unstable nuclei that can undergo radioactive decay.

  • It is good for a man to undergo the yoke when he is young.

  • The planes have to undergo rigorous safety checks.

  • Joe: The artefact to indorse yourself is to undergo when somethings feat to happen.

  • It is not clear whether cetaceans undergo dream sleep.

  • The explorers had to undergo much suffering.

  • My feeling for him undergo a revulsion when I discover his cruelty.

  • He was sentenced to time served, probation, community service, and make restitution and undergo counseling.

  • Planes have to undergo rigorous safety check.

  • Normal cells are produced a regulated way, with new cells replacing those that undergo natural death.

  • Many patients to also not but undergo the thyroid gland excision surgery finally.

  • By contrast, in liquid transients, pressures and flow pattern undergo smooth and transient effects are small.

  • O . lithobates males undergo a really spectacular morphology change as they mature.

  • After luncheon they march into the cathedral and undergo another lecture.

  • to undergo minor surgery

  • They have introduced a new system whereby all employees must undergo regular training.

  • Fans may undergo body searches by security guards.

  • If the world is to avoid environmental catastrophe, advanced economies must undergo a profound transition.

Synonym discrimination

  • undergo, experience, sustain, suffer


Meaning of undergo

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