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  • EN [ ʌnˈfɑ:sn]
  • US [ ʌnˈfæsn]

English definition


  • 1. cause to become undone;

    • "unfasten your belt"
  • 2. become undone or untied;

    • "The shoelaces unfastened"

Example sentences

  • Can you unfasten the lock catch of a box?

  • May I unfasten my seat belt now?

  • You can unfasten your seat belt now.

  • Please unfasten your jacket and shirt and let me listen to your heart and chest.

  • Is it all right to unfasten my seat belt?

  • Please unfasten your jacket and shirt and let me examine your heart and chest.

  • Please unfasten your safety belt now.

  • She not very unfasten Ni too!

  • Now you can unfasten your safe belt.

  • Because does not say a day two days can unfasten go the opposite's together!

  • Do not unfasten the seatbelt before the plane stops completely.

  • Is it all right unfasten my seat belt?

  • Who Wants to Unfasten the Screw of Fixed Exchange Rate of RMB?

  • You may unfasten your seat belt now.

  • You may now unfasten your seatbelt.

  • When Ted was six we decided that he needed to know how to fasten and unfasten his seat belt.



Meaning of unfasten

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