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  • EN [ ʌnˈɪntrəstɪd]
  • US [ ʌnˈɪntrɪstɪd, -tərɪstɪd, -təˌrɛstɪd]

English definition


  • 1. not having or showing interest;

    • "an uninterested spectator"
  • 2. having no care or interest in knowing;

    • "she appeared totally uninterested"

Example sentences

  • They were uninterested in attacking humans, even in the name of fame.

  • How recently have become what are uninterested in the spirIt'settles open your eyes are like?

  • We shall be uninterested to hear about it.

  • Though by instinct conservative, he was at bottom uninterested in policy.

  • At this sweeping rebuke , which the cook had only, the rest of the crew became uninterested.

  • I am comparatively uninterested in the subject.

  • Once he was an enthusiastic football player, but recently he seems to have become uninterested.

  • Other people uninterested in the sermon found relief in the beetle, and they eyed it too.

  • She seemed completely uninterested in what I had to tell her about my new job.

  • The polits ,'they called them, with a sort of uninterested contempt.

  • She appeared totally uninterested.

  • He was not in the slightest degree interested, ie was completely uninterested.

  • Southerners demanded radical aid to farmers but were unfriendly to labor, uninterested in social reform.

  • My daydreams aren't even dreaming. I feel bored , lost , uninterested in much of anything.

  • Settle your own argument I'm quite uninterested!

  • The audience yawned and seemed uninterested in the politician's speech.

  • The man thought it might be Bill, but he thought in a dull , uninterested way.

  • All the young ladies looked beautiful in their dresses, but the young Prince appeared uninterested.

  • I'm uninterested in work more than ever since start over this job.

  • But if you're constantly feeling uninterested, you need to ask yourself some questions.

  • She is uninterested in marriage.

  • At first, she was almost alarmingly apathetic and seemed to be totally uninterested in my visit.

  • Buyer now in touch uninterested can you offer type b or c.

  • The editors tell me that they think men are uninterested.

  • I'm uninterested in classical architecture.

  • He was totally uninterested in sport.

  • Denis tried to look nonchalant and uninterested.

  • I was so uninterested in the result that I didn't even bother to look at it.

  • Mrs Trollope was sublimely uninterested in what she herself wore.



Meaning of uninterested

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