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  • EN [ ˌʌnˈred]
  • US [ ʌnˈrɛd]

English definition


  • 1. not informed through reading;

    • "he seems to have been wholly unread in political theory"- V.L.Parrington

Example sentences

  • He is unread in history.

  • Unread books make hollow minds.

  • Messages from anyone else are either deleted unread or given a cursory glance and then ignored.

  • Lee appropriated my unread newspaper and never it.

  • Description: This template creates a place to view all unread mail messages in one place.

  • Once the books are open, phone calls unanswered, TV unwatched and newspapers unread.

  • The second section describes social encounters during which it becomes essential to talk about unread books.

  • A contented smile played round her lips and the sacred verses lay unread before her.

  • The books sat unread on the shelf for years.

  • Itself moreover allows through fine print in generally unread.

  • You can opt for it to show up read or unread by selecting the appropriate option.

  • A book unread, not speaking a word is no chance.

  • We all collect books in vast numbers, often leaving them unread for year.

  • She knows so much that she makes me feel very unread.

  • Why do you go round with those unread and useless fellow?

  • All we have to do is to leave them unread for a few generations.

  • Advance to next unread message in XX?

  • Displays only the unread messages in the newsgroup or folder.

  • Like New: An apparently unread copy in perfect condition.

  • Most of the books were left unread on his shelves.

  • Include unread messages counter on grouping title.

  • He seems to have been wholly unread in political theory.

  • Is your email inbox always full of read and unread messages?

  • The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is unread.

  • She appropriated my unread newspaper and never returned it.

  • a pile of unread newspapers

  • He caught up on months of unread periodicals.

  • All his unpublished writing should be destroyed unread.

Meaning of unread

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