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  • EN [ ˌʌnˈju:zd]
  • US [ ˌʌnˈjuzd]

English definition


  • 1. not yet used or soiled;

    • "a fresh shirt"
    • "a fresh sheet of paper"
    • "an unused envelope"
  • 2. not yet put into use;

    • "we boughtt an unused car for a change"
  • 3. not in active use;

    • "the machinery sat idle during the strike"
    • "idle hands"

Example sentences

  • The atomic age dawned on an unused squash court at the University of Chicago in 1942.

  • I had an unused ticket for Antanarivo.

  • Clean drives from files left aside and unused.

  • She flushed the unused tablets away.

  • Should the unused part of accrued welfare fund be included in taxable income in liquidation?

  • He was unused to alcohol and it affected him quickly.

  • All pollution is simply an unused resource.

  • Unused credits may be carried forward for twenty years.

  • Unused to living in so small a house, she felt penned up.

  • Many years later, the village was no longer rich, and the field abandoned and unused.

  • How do you treat unused leave?

  • The children are unused to city life.

  • Actually he had two unused ones which he was hoarding up.

  • Tickets with unused SQ or MI sectors , but used interline sectors.

  • Cover unused connectors with electrician's tape to prevent accidental contact.

  • When subsidies run out, the schemes have faltered, with stoves left unused or broken.

  • Unused features are not only useless , they can slow you down and diminish ease of use.

  • Will you sell your unused goods in the hand market?

  • She keeps an unused stamp of monkey.

  • The closest he has been is an unused substitute at Birmingham and Real Madrid.

  • He had grown unused to this sort of attention.

  • Not evil, but goodness more often allures the feeling mind unused to reason.

  • This is an easy routine, designed for anyone who is unused to exercise.

  • If unused, winter radishes run to seed in spring.

  • The books looked faded, dusty and unused.

  • Mother was entirely unused to such hard work.

  • The insurance on his BMW has run out, and the car stands unused.



Meaning of unused

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