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  • EN [ ʌp]
  • US [ ʌp]

English definition


  • 1. raise;

    • "up the ante"


  • 1. being or moving higher in position or greater in some value; being above a former position or level;

    • "the anchor is up"
    • "the sun is up"
    • "he lay face up"
    • "he is up by a pawn"
    • "the market is up"
    • "the corn is up"
  • 2. getting higher or more vigorous;

    • "its an up market"
    • "an improving economy"
  • 3. extending or moving toward a higher place;

    • "the up staircase"
    • "a general upward movement of fish"
  • 4. (usually followed by `on' or `for') in readiness;

    • "he was up on his homework"
    • "had to be up for the game"
  • 5. open;

    • "the windows are up"
  • 6. (used of computers) operating properly;

    • "how soon will the computers be up?"
  • 7. used up;

    • "time is up"
  • 8. out of bed;

    • "are they astir yet?"
    • "up by seven each morning"


  • 1. spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position;

    • "look up!"
    • "the music surged up"
    • "the fragments flew upwards"
    • "prices soared upwards"
    • "upwardly mobile"
  • 2. to a higher intensity;

    • "he turned up the volume"
  • 3. nearer to the speaker;

    • "he walked up and grabbed my lapels"
  • 4. to a more central or a more northerly place;

    • "was transferred up to headquarters"
    • "up to Canada for a vacation"
  • 5. to a later time;

    • "they moved the meeting date up"
    • "from childhood upward"

Example sentences

  • The stew must be boiled up before serving.

  • I shall have to read up on this subject if I am to give a talk about it.

  • That face called up in his mind the image of his end wife.

  • We'll never get there if he doesn't speed up.

  • They have fastened up all the parcels.

  • We can't get unwary just because nothing unusual has cropped up.

  • She seems to have camped up at the third act of the play.

  • Why do you leave all the hard work up to your mother?

  • He piled up fallen leaves in a corner of the yard.

  • A wagon trundled up the road.

  • If you speed up your work, we can finish before it is dark.

  • Cranes take from four to seven years to mature before they pair up.

  • Have you finished loading up yet?

  • Sylvia does not get on with the supervisor and the danger is that he will trump up some charge to discredit her.

  • When he was with her, his nerve never let up.

  • The sparrow whizzed up into a tree.

  • Brighten up your bedroom with a few posters.

  • He made up a bottle of cough medicine.

  • The waterway is silted up.

  • Everywhere you look, you can see glass and concrete monstrosities going up.

  • The fee his lawyer charged for drawing up the deed was enough in all conscience.

  • They tried to smother up the murder by pretending that her death was accidental.

  • The chairman stepped up and declared the meeting open.

  • He is getting up his maths for the exam.

  • We can sum up the main point of the lesson in three sentences.

  • He was rigged up to a machine so that the nurses could check his heartbeat.

  • Tazief was able to set up his camp very close to the volcano while it was erupting violently.

  • The kids have muddled up all the photos.

Phrase collocation

  • it is all up with

    (informal)it is the end or there is no hope for (someone or something)

  • on the up and up informal 非正式

    (Brit.)steadily improving or becoming more successful

    (chiefly N. Amer.)honest or sincere

  • something is up

    (informal)something unusual or undesirable is happening or afoot

  • up against it

    (informal)facing some serious but unspecified difficulty

    • they play better when they're up against it.

  • up and about

    no longer in bed (after sleep or an illness)

  • up and doing

    active; busy

    • a normal young chap wants to be up and doing.

  • up and down

    moving upwards and downwards

    • bouncing up and down.

    to and fro

    • pacing up and down in front of her desk.

    in various places throughout

    • in clubs up and down the country.

    (informal)in varying states or moods; changeable

    • my relationship with her was up and down.

  • up and running

    (especially of a computer system) in operation; functioning

    • the new computer is up and running.

  • up the ante

    • the new computer is up and running.

  • up before

    appearing for a hearing in the presence of

    • we'll have to come up before a magistrate.

  • up for

    available for

    • the house next door is up for sale.

    being considered for

    • he had been up for promotion.

    due for

    • his contract is up for renewal in June.

  • up for it

    (informal)ready to take part in (a particular activity)

    • Nigel was really &B{up for it}, as always.

  • up hill and down dale

    all over the place

    • he led me up hill and down dale till my feet were dropping off.

  • up top

    (Brit. informal)in the brain (with reference to intelligence)

    • a man with nothing much up top.


  • eat up

    • The rent ate up half my pay.

    • Extravagant spending ate up his saving.

    • He really ate that show up.

    • London society simply ate him up.

  • shoot’em up

    • Most films are more sophisticated nowadays than the old shoot'em ups.

    • I like the good old shoot'em up movies.

  • hush something up

    • We wanted to hush up the whole story, but there was no way to do it.

  • Giddy up!

    • Let's get guing,chum.Giddy up!

  • jump up

    • The whole jump-up must be done in 90 minutes with little time to think and prepare.

    • He decides to jump up the tune.

  • goof up

    • He goofed up the whole deal by talking too soon.

    • These things are my ideas, and they've all got the same goof-ups.

    • The sergeant was a confirmed goof-up.

  • poop somebody up

    • Poop me up so I know what's up here.

  • up to the knocker

    • He didn't feel up to the knocker.

    • He was prepared up to the knocker.

  • dope up

    • She slipped into the back room to dope up.

    • I'm hurting,man,I gotta dope up,now.

    • Where's my old friend Max? I gotta dope up.

  • kick up a fuss

    • I don't want his lawyer to kick up a fuss about this.

  • snazz (something) up

    • We snazzed up the room before they came.

  • hop up

    • He hopped himself up on heroin.

    • Max hopped up his Chevrolet engine.

    • The news of the victory hopped immensely up everybody at once.

  • up thine with turpentine

    • Up thine with turpentine, will you?

    • Take that token raise and up thine with turpentine.

  • up to scratch

    • I'm afraid this story isn't quite up to scratch.

  • listen up

    • Now, listen up!This is important.

    • He can make you listen up with that violin of his.

  • fire up

    • She fires up at least thing.

    • In one word, you shouldn't fire up your opponent.

    • fire up the imagination

    • Fire up and split,dudes!

  • pack up

    • Can you pack him up?

  • up and up

    • It' s an up-and-up place.

    • Everything I do is on the up-and-up. I am totally honest.

  • goose up

    • If w tried to goose it up too much, it wouldn't help anybody.

  • zazz something up

    • We zazzed up the room before they came.

  • do up

    • The thief was caught and done up.

    • We'll do up some hash.

  • screwed up

    • Our plans got all screwed up.

    • Hamlet was a sad,screwed up type guy.

  • shook up

    • Why should you be shook up for such trifles?

    • So Woody kept his voice down, but he was all shook up.

  • hang somebody up

    • The four would not be able to hang the entire juiy up.

  • up in the air

    • The question of who will attend is still up in the air.

    • My father went straight up in the air when he heard I damaged the car.

  • sick up

    • Ralph went out to sick.

    • That stuff will make you sick up.

  • scrooge up

    • I find him scrooging up his eyebrows.

  • push up daisies

    • h is better to push up the daisies than to suffer.

    • He pushed up daisies about a year ago.

  • cough up

    • Cough up what you owe me!

    • We know the stolen watch is in your possession. so you may as well as cough it up.

    • I suppose I shouldn't be coughing up these details.

  • slob up

    • What time do you people slob up around here?

  • rod up

    • They do not rod up, or arm themselves.

  • pickem up and layem down

    • Pick'em up and lay'em down for the doctor.

    • He picked'em up and laid'em down his feel tired.

  • perk up

    • Colla perk up this class.

    • He perked up at once when I promised to help him.

    • Perk up! We're almost done.

    • He's perking up after a two-week illness.

    • Somebody perked up here!

  • choke up

    • He choked up, lost his concentration, and got clob-bered in the third.

    • She choked up and couldn't finish her speech.

    • Your new book doesn't exactly choke me up.

    • The boy was terribly choked up over the loss of his dog.

  • get up

    • He got up after his sentence was reduced.

    • I always wash get-ups on Mondays.

    • Why the fancy get-up today?

  • wake up pill

    • If it's not the real wake-up pill, I don't want it.

  • stand up

    • And he's very, very stand-up.

  • bollix up

    • He bollixed up the whole thing.

  • stick up for

    • If his own family won't,who will stick up for him?

    • Stick up for your rights!

  • cut up the touches

    • All the gangsters will gather at their lair for cutting up the touches today.

    • The widow cuts up the pipes about her dead husband.

    • I don't intend to cut up the jackpots.

  • up the wall

    • At least,I don't know anybody who is up the wall about it.

    • He' s really up the wall about Mary's illness.

  • fed up

    • She was fed up at his light-hearted attitude.

    • We are fed up with listening to his story.

  • washed up

    • I' m all washed-up!" said Ben Heckt.

    • As far as he's concerned, you're a washed up nobody.

  • smell it up

    • One of those guys shoots it;the others smell it up.

    • You must be smelling the stuff.

  • fit up

    • He says he was fitted up by police who used false evidence to get a conviction.

    • There are some 40 off-Broadway houses. You might add another 40 off-off-Broad way clubs and fit-ups.

    • We were fitted, you ratbag!Nothing but a lousy fit-up.

  • posh up

    • I poshed up my old car.

  • come up to the wire

    • The project is coming up to the wire and we're a bit nervous.

  • pump up

    • His job wasn't much, but he pumped it up into a key assignment.

    • Experts like Dr Edward Teller steadily pumped up Reagan about the potential of such defensive-weapons systems.



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