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  • EN [ ɜːn]
  • US [ ɜːrn]

English definition


  • 1. a large vase that usually has a pedestal or feet

  • 2. a large pot for making coffee or tea

Example sentences

  • My father , Neleus, had this urn made to commemorate his victory at Cyparisseis.

  • The cabinet is surmounted by a finely cast gilt bronze urn finial.

  • The utility model discloses a deep sea sampler, comprising a sampling urn bottle.

  • Please pump some water into the urn, them is little left in it.

  • Children like to urn around in the open fields.

  • APRO STONE MERCANTILE retailer of high grade onyx ash urn.

  • Another, not so common type of URI is the Universal Resource Name ( URN ).

  • Urn Yuanyang Yuanyang Lake a reservoir and the liberation of the village pond reservoirs collectively.

  • What with one thing and another , everybody forgot all about the eels in the urn.

  • " Urn, yes. Your lawn needs cutting,'said Dave.

  • Unless it's a ridiculously big urn.

  • Fixed a minor error that occurred when travelling with an urn in a Sim's inventory.

  • A: About three pounds, including the urn.

  • The urn is piled high with rice. We should use another one.

  • The food supply is almost gone, the water urn is empty.

  • The engraving is entirely hand done and the urn requires no maintenance.

  • However, flood light shine in the front cylinder urn, lost power and prestige of the past.

  • She put the big hot coffee urn on the table and plugged it in.

  • Finally one of the servants remembered the eels in the urn.

  • Do you know the purpose of this urn?

  • The urn was unearthed entire.

  • An Interpretation of'silence " in Keat's Poem " Old on a Grecian Urn "

  • AMANPOUR: And what does shattering the urn mean, then? Shattering history? Shattering perceptions?


Meaning of urn

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