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  • EN [ ˈveɪkənsi]
  • US [ ˈveɪkənsi]

English definition


  • 1. being unoccupied

  • 2. an empty area or space;

    • "the huge desert voids"
    • "the emptiness of outer space"
    • "without their support he'll be ruling in a vacuum"

Example sentences

  • B: We do have a vacancy here. We need a nurse.

  • I am sorry, there is no such vacancy at present.

  • The vacancy has been filled.

  • The vacancy of the boy's expression made Father doubt if he was listening.

  • I believe the vacancy rate is dangerously high at present.

  • The vacancy defects of samples were measured by slow positron annihilation.

  • A vacancy has occurred in my office.

  • I come here to apply for the vacancy advertised in the morning newspaper yesterday.

  • Her going on maternity leave will create a temporary vacancy.

  • The vacancy in vocabulary mainly exists in its referential and pragmatic connotation.

  • I would like to enquire about the job vacancy advertised in the newspaper.

  • Is the teaching vacancy still open?

  • Before liberation, whenever a vacancy appeared, many unemployed young people came after it.

  • As the economy slowly recovered , vacancy rates declined and national land prices and rents increased.

  • There are three candidates for the vacancy.

  • The vacancy of her expression made me doubt if she was listening.

  • Mr. A has been named for the vacancy.

  • I'm afraid the vacancy is no longer open.

  • The job vacancy must have been advertised in Sweden and the EU.

  • Lucy is the best person to fill this secretary vacancy.

  • His resignation left a vacancy on the board of directors.

  • We have a vacancy for a computer programmer.

  • In an ionic solid, a cation – vacancy and cation – interstitial pair.

  • We do not have any vacancy there at present.

  • We have vacancy for a typist.

  • Have you got a vacancy for a secretary?

  • I am very interested in the position and apply for the vacancy.

  • This will help to fill a vacancy in our knowledge.

  • I rang the Colonel and asked him to put my name forward for the vacancy in Zurich.

  • A vacancy has arisen which I intend to fill.

Meaning of vacancy

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