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  • EN [ vɪ'skɒsətɪ]
  • US [ vɪˈskɑsɪti]

English definition


  • 1. resistance of a liquid to sheer forces (and hence to flow)

Example sentences

  • Volatiles should not be added to the epoxies to improve their viscosity.

  • The viscosity shows a rather pronounced variation with temperature.

  • Viscosity overwhelms the smallest eddies and converts their energy into heat.

  • Glass and pitch behave like supercooled liquids of very high viscosity.

  • The reciprocal of viscosity is known as fluidity.

  • The viscosity of the polymer was 2.16 poise.

  • The unit of kinematic viscosity is the stoke.

  • When turbulence breaks out, a fluid behaves as though its viscosity has suddenly increased.

  • Fig . 8 . 29 shows the effect on the solution of including elasticity and enhanced viscosity.

  • For the normal paraffinic hydrocarbons, a number of dilute - gas viscosity have been developed.

  • The predetermined solution viscosity of the thickened solution should preferably be above 600 centipoises.

  • Good dispersion of clean, low - temperature start, viscosity - temperature oxidation stability and performance.

  • Then the curve charts of the melting - points and viscosity are drawn.

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Meaning of viscosity

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