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  • EN [ ˈvɪʒuəl]
  • US [ ˈvɪʒuəl]

English definition


  • 1. relating to or using sight;

    • "ocular inspection"
    • "an optical illusion"
    • "visual powers"
    • "visual navigation"
  • 2. able to be seen;

    • "be sure of it; give me the ocular proof"- Shakespeare
    • "a visual presentation"
    • "a visual image"

Example sentences

  • The graphs give a visual representation of the inflation.

  • O'Neill leather patch at rear right waist adds a touch of visual appeal.

  • The English idioms are concise and comprehensive , pregnant with meaning, visual and vivid.

  • Visual model is to model HVS using mathematics method.

  • Describes the framework for interacting with the visual property editing system.

  • Image sensor has special requirement in image processing, which aims to get the optimal visual effect.

  • Is that not the perfect visual image of life and death?

  • The film is a visual art.

  • Monitor and analyze the process performance with respect to PCM, yield and visual defects.

  • Finally, some general experiments of the visual tracking system were finished.

  • The opera was an aural as well as a visual delight.

  • His designs have a strong visual appeal.

  • Animals use a whole rang of acoustic , visual, and chemical signals in their systems of communication.

  • aural and visual images

  • visual and tactile communication

  • I have a very good visual memory.

  • He has a visual impairment in the right eye.

  • There are three conference rooms each of which is equipped with a screen, flipchart and audio visual equipment.

  • Most designers share the unspoken belief that fashion is a valid form of visual art.

  • He became famous as an inventor of astonishing visual and aural effects.

  • Music, mime and strong visual imagery play a strong part in the productions.

  • At the required level of visual verisimilitude, computer animation is costly.

  • They marked out the boundaries of our visual universe.



Meaning of visual

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