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  • EN [ ˈvɒdkə]
  • US [ ˈvɑdkə]

English definition


  • 1. unaged colorless liquor originating in Russia

Example sentences

  • They've put vodka in her fruit juice to get her drunk.

  • I poured myself a glass of lemonade and added a splash of vodka.

  • Vodka mixes easily with fruit juices.

  • SKYY Vodka and FBA will host approximately 15 national competitions in countries around the world.

  • Water reduces the potency of vodka.

  • It goes well with a shot of peppered vodka, one taste canceling the other.

  • Vodka, Whisky and Vodka belong to our portfolio . For more information please call us.

  • All right, we serve brandy, whisky, vodka and so on.

  • They've put vodka in her fruit juice to get her in the sauce.

  • The boys guzzled the cheap Vodka.

  • They've put vodka in her fruit juice.

  • He oiled thought with more vodka.

  • Vodka: Colourless distilled liquor of neutral spirits usually made from a grain mash ( generally rye or wheat ).

  • This kind of drink consist of Vodka and orange juice.

  • James Bond: Vodka martini, shaken, not stirred.

  • They spiked his drink by putting a vodka in his lager.

  • A Vodkatini is a cocktail made with vodka and vermouth.

  • Using a shot glass grenadine, then kahlua , then vodka, layer by layer . flame the drink . serve.

  • She ordered a large vodka and tonic from a passing waiter.

  • Although there are foreign liquors such as vodka, they are pure alcohol with no brewing aroma.

  • Yes, wine can be called booze, and so can rum and vodka.

  • I'll have a vodka and lime.

  • He bought two bottles of vodka on account.

  • Oscar, much the worse for vodka, did a striptease.

  • The vodka was the genuine article.

  • She poured some vodka into a glass and knocked it back in two swallows.

  • Taggart debated whether to have yet another double vodka.

  • The drink of choice seems to be vodka.

Meaning of vodka

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