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Example sentences

  • It can authenticate the possession of originality data that have embedded a secretinformation - watermarks.

  • Digital watermarks have also find its usage in secret communication communication counterwork.

  • For many digital image watermarks, geometric distortions are their weakness.

  • Dates, photo details and other EXIF information can be added as watermarks.

  • The watermarks are robust against LSB and crop attack.

  • According to zero - watermarking, a zero - embedding algorithm for multiple watermarks was proposed based on wavelet and chaos.

  • Following the synchronous valleys, the additive synchronous approach was adopted to locate the usable watermarks.

  • The original images and watermarks are transformed into a multi - frequent image to be embedded in watermark.

  • Security paper: Paper incorporating features , such as watermarks , etc, which make counterfeiting difficult.

  • Artists and other creative professionals may consider using their work samples as watermarks.

  • Experimental results show that the visually identical and the watermarks also successfully survive after many attacks.

Meaning of watermarks

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