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  • EN [ wiːd]
  • US [ wiːd]

English definition


  • 1. any plant that crowds out cultivated plants

  • 2. street names for marijuana


  • 1. clear of weeds;

    • "weed the garden"

Example sentences

  • As weed control: overlap the newspapers in a heavy mat in the garden as weed control.

  • Tomorrow I have to weed the garden.

  • She knelt down to pull a weed from the flower bed.

  • Some fumigants are also active against nematodes, insects, and weed seeds.

  • The infant boy dropped a weed from his tiny hands and burst into frenzied weeping.

  • Weed out traitors from the army.

  • Weed seed bank size was the largest under the organic system.

  • The weed had twined itself round the branches.

  • They pulled up the weed by the root.

  • Isn't it absurd to plant crops and not weed the fields?

  • You should weed the garden before supper.

  • First thing tomorrow I'll weed the garden.

  • Weed out the uncommitted whiners and complainers early.

  • He saw the phosphorescence of the Gulf weed in the water.

  • The gardener estimated that it would take him four hours to weed the garden.

  • The weed growth in farmland obviously depended on the active seed bank.

  • Check out the chart below for general weed identification and elimination methods.

  • I have tried painting the young shoots with weed poisoner, but this does not kill them off.

  • Other benefits such as dole money could be frozen and there will be a huge push to weed out fiddlers.

  • Scoop the blanket weed out and use it to line hanging baskets.

  • Two and a half years ago I gave up the evil weed.

  • He is keen to weed out the many applicants he believes may be frauds.

  • Large, clogging banks of weed are the only problem.

Synonym discrimination

  • grass, herb, weed

Meaning of weed

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