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  • EN [ ˈwiːkli]
  • US [ ˈwiːkli]

English definition


  • 1. a periodical that is published every week


  • 1. occurring or payable every week;

    • "a weekly trip to town"
    • "weekly wages"
    • "weekly rent"


  • 1. without missing a week;

    • "she visited her aunt weekly"

Example sentences

  • Prepare weekly cash position report and monthly bank reconciliation for management review.

  • He organized the weekly moot.

  • The snowstorm ruled out their weekly meeting.

  • Work out the full weekly rent, plus your rates.

  • The weekly letters from his son are meat and drink to the old man.

  • Are you paid weekly or monthly?

  • Under the terms of the agreement, you have to pay a weekly rent.

  • The workers in this workshop do day and night shifts in weekly rotation.

  • He writes a weekly letter to his parents.

  • You can be paid in cash weekly or by cheque monthly; those are the two alternatives.

  • the weekly butter ration

  • He lived on an invalidity pension which came as a weekly giro.

  • The District Council made a weekly collection of refuse.

  • She plays tennis thrice weekly.

  • The menu changes weekly and usually includes a vegan option.

  • The Tundra Times, a weekly newspaper in Alaska, ceased publication this week.

  • I ghosted his weekly rugby column for the Telegraph.

  • The publishers planned to produce the journal on a weekly basis.

  • Andrew now came almost weekly to call.

  • Few things distracted the Pastor from the preparation of his weekly sermons.

  • In addition to my weekly wage, I got a lot of tips.

  • The group meets weekly.

  • Average weekly earnings rose by 1.5% in July.

  • The newspaper came out weekly. It satirized political leaders.

  • Average weekly cinema attendance in February was 2.41 million.

  • Next week they will swap places and will repeat the switch weekly.

  • The group meets on a regular basis, usually weekly or biweekly.



Meaning of weekly

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