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  • EN [ ˈwɪtnəs]
  • US [ ˈwɪtnəs]

English definition


  • 1. someone who sees an event and reports what happened

  • 2. a close observer; someone who looks at something (such as an exhibition of some kind);

    • "the spectators applauded the performance"
    • "television viewers"
    • "sky watchers discovered a new star"
  • 3. testimony by word or deed to your religious faith

  • 4. (law) a person who attests to the genuineness of a document or signature by adding their own signature

  • 5. (law) a person who testifies under oath in a court of law


  • 1. be a witness to

  • 2. perceive or be contemporaneous with;

    • "We found Republicans winning the offices"
    • "You'll see a lot of cheating in this school"
    • "I want to see results"
    • "The 1960 saw the rebellion of the younger generation against established traditions"
    • "I want to see results"

Example sentences

  • The clever lawyer tripped the witness.

  • The witness showed unquestionable proof.

  • The gangster's friends bought off the police witness.

  • The chief witness was allowed to leave the town only after lodging a sworn statement with the police.

  • She brought several persons of good credit to witness to her reputation.

  • The judge reminded the witness that he was still under oath.

  • The police questioned the witness.

  • No one could witness that he was present.

  • The judge examined the principal witness.

  • He asked the witness to stand down.

  • I shall prove to you that the witness is quite unreliable.

  • She gave witness on behalf of the accused person.

  • The lawyers took two hours to interrogate the witness.

  • The witness at the trial had been carefully primed by defence lawyers.

  • A witness picked him out of an identification parade as the robber.

  • The witness in the bribery investigation refused to name names.

  • His testimony contradicted that of the preceding witness.

  • The witness perjured himself.

  • The witness affirmed to the facts.

  • I'm really terrified to witness the slaughter.

  • A witness gave testimony that the accused was drunk.

  • A witness was examined by him in a court of law.

  • An important witness was absent when the case came up.

  • Many of these poems bear witness to his years spent in India and China.

  • He proved overconfident on the witness stand, misremembering a key piece of evidence.

  • His girlfriend had gone into the witness box and taken the oath.

  • The plaintiff's sole witness, a gambler and layabout, was easily discredited.

  • The convictions rest solely on disputed witness and confessional statements.

Phrase collocation

  • as God is my witness (或 God be my witness)

    an invocation of God as confirmation of the truth of a statement

    • God be my witness, sir, I didn't!.

  • call someone or something to witness

    (archaic)appeal or refer to someone or something for confirmation or evidence of something

Synonym discrimination

  • look, see, watch, observe, witness

  • proof, evidence, witness, testimony

Meaning of witness

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