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  • EN [ ˈrɪtn]
  • US [ ˈrɪtn]

English definition


  • 1. set down in writing in any of various ways;

    • "written evidence"
  • 2. systematically collected and written down;

    • "written laws"
  • 3. written as for a film or play or broadcast

Example sentences

  • On the envelope is written: " from Wang ".

  • He has written a fine preface to the play.

  • Even a written apology failed to placate the indignant hostess.

  • There are more obscure poems written and printed every year than clear ones.

  • The plane was completely written off and the pilot died.

  • Their daughter hadn't written to them for a long time, and they were rather worried.

  • The report is vividly written and very moving.

  • This book was written amid many difficulties.

  • The letter is written in a formal style.

  • The music was written by a teacher.

  • In view of the seriousness of the matter , I'll speak from a written text.

  • This fable was written after the manner of Aesop.

  • Any alterations should be written in neatly to the left side.

  • The letter was written in plain English.

  • You will need to complete three written assignments per semester.

  • We recognize the necessity for a written agreement.

  • She had written him a note a couple of weeks earlier.

  • A written submission has to be prepared.

  • He was said to have written such books as The Day of Locusts and Miss Lonely Hearts.

  • He crossed out "Screenplay" and put "Written by" instead.

  • An employer can demand written certification that the relative is really ill.

  • The stage version of "The Butcher Boy" was written simultaneously with the novel.

  • He saw something written in black on the gravestones.

  • We're waiting for written confirmation from the Americans.

  • Now she's written a novel which is not a mystery and is a considerable departure from her previous work.

  • We read the gossip written about them with prurient interest.

  • So we're trying to redress the balance and to give teachers a sense that both spoken and written language are equally important.

  • All of the poems are written in traditional metres and rhyme schemes.

  • The stages in her love affair with Harry are perceptively written.


Meaning of written

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