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  • EN [ 'zaɪli:n]
  • US [ 'zaɪlin]

English definition


  • 1. a colorless flammable volatile liquid hydrocarbon used as a solvent

Example sentences

  • Thereafter the bottle is filled to the lip with commercial grade xylene.

  • Nail polish contains toxic products like toluene, phenol and xylene.

  • The kinetics ofp - xylene oxidation to terephthalic acid was experimentally determined.

  • Application by brush, roll and spray, the thinner is xylene.

  • Their adsorption capacity and selectivity for p - xylene were high.

  • Aicohol mutipurpose glycollic hexanl mutipurpose benzene , toluene and xylene.

  • Solubility: Soluble in methanol, ethanol. Hardly soluble in toluene, xylene.

  • Table printing ink solvent used mainly xylene, propyl alcohol.

  • The results indicated that the xylene was separated by salt - effect was possible.

  • Like butyl acetate, xylene, propyl alcohol, pimelinketone are slow solvents.

  • Ammoxidation catalyst ofm - xylene to prepare m - dicyanobenzene was studied.

  • Xylene, butyl alcohol solvent is slow.

  • A new method of separating xylene - salt - effect is presented.

  • The oil removes the benzole a mixture of benzene, toluene and xylene from the gas stream.

  • Production technologies of C 8 aromatics isomers are introduced. The progress xylene separation technologies is discussed.

Meaning of xylene

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