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  • EN [ 'zaɪləʊs]
  • US [ 'zaɪloʊs]

English definition


  • 1. a sugar extracted from wood or straw; used in foods for diabetics

Example sentences

  • Compares with the xylose plywood, the processing bamboo plywood difficulty is bigger.

  • Glucose, mannose , xylose and galactose are included in the saccharide.

  • Antioxidtive Maillard reaction products can be formed arg inine and xylose.

  • It was impossible for natural yeast to ferment xylose.

  • Saccharide: Glucose, mannose , xylose and galactose and so on are included.

  • Xylose fermentation is one of the key factors in the cost of ethanol production as feedstock.

  • The product xylose is identified by silica gel TLC, optical activity measurement and other approval tests.

  • A yellow , water - soluble, gummy polysaccharide found in plant cell walls and yielding xylose upon hydrolysis.

  • The results showed that the backbone of NFG - 1 was composed of xylose and glucose.

  • The utilization ratio of xylose is 71.42 % , as same as the original strain.

  • The results showed that active charcoal particle has remarkable decoloration ability for the first xylose solution.

  • Microbial xylanases occur in various microorganisms and can hydrolyze xylans into xy - looligosaccharides and D - xylose.

Meaning of xylose

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