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  • EN [ ˈjəʊgi]
  • US [ ˈjoʊgi]

English definition


  • 1. one who practices yoga and has achieved a high level of spiritual insight

Example sentences

  • Yogi Berra: Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical.

  • What is the attitude of a yogi in reading this chapter by Laotse?

  • A yogi, should master himself eat salutary and moderate food, as well as practice pranayama.

  • To the Yogi everything is bliss.

  • When this has been accomplished, the Yogi knows himself as he is in reality.

  • AA yogi should never sit to see sitting rupa, or walk to see walking rupa.

  • The yogi should eat moderately and abstemiously; otherwise, how ever clever, he cannot gain success.

  • When abstention from theft is perfected, the yogi can have whatever he desires.

  • A closer look at the yogi demographics, however , offers clues into purchasing behavior.

  • A strange figure is revealed , outwardly unprepossessing, untidy , unkempt, he a yogi of transcendent powers.

  • Similarly, the yogi must know rupa and nama so he can practice with result.

  • In Tibet a great yogi called Milarepa who is respected by all schools in Tibetan Buddhism.

  • As a Yogi, I insist on separating practice from the daily life.

  • Tthat same year I experienced an even more close call with Yogi Chen at Timber Cove!

  • The yogi should talk only when necessary, such as to request a needed item.

  • If yogi cannot escape these defilements, he cannot go on to higher stages of insight.

  • Fixing the idea, the yogi can't hear outer information and have no reaction on it.


Meaning of yogi

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