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  • EN [ jəʊk]
  • US [ joʊk]

English definition


  • 1. fabric comprising a fitted part at the top of a garment

  • 2. an oppresssive power;

    • "under the yoke of a tyrant"
    • "they threw off the yoke of domination"
  • 3. two items of the same kind

  • 4. a pair of draft animals joined by a yoke;

    • "pulled by a yoke of oxen"
  • 5. support consisting of a wooden frame across the shoulders that enables a person to carry buckets hanging from each end

  • 6. a connection (like a clamp or vise) between two things so they move together

  • 7. stable gear that joins two draft animals at the neck so they can work together as a team


  • 1. become joined or linked together

  • 2. link with or as with a yoke;

    • "yoke the oxen together"
  • 3. put a yoke on or join with a yoke;

    • "Yoke the draft horses together"

Example sentences

  • We're free of your stinking yoke and we're going to stay free!

  • The magnetic path of electromagnetic yoke was analyzed.

  • He carried two buckets on a yoke, one at each end.

  • Replace worn or scored yoke and seal.

  • Slaves are under the yoke of their masters.

  • Remove intake manifold, yoke retainer and aligning yokes.

  • They refused to bend beneath the oppressor's yoke.

  • The Non Destructive Testing ( NDT ) system is primarily a poke yoke device for the induction hardening process.

  • He intends to yoke me as his yokefellow.

  • He carry two bucket on a yoke, one at each end.

  • Using an ohmmeter, check the resistance between the brush lead and the starter yoke.

  • It is good for a man to undergo the yoke when he is young.

  • His yoke is easy ( Chorus ) 3:03 His yoke is easy, and His burthen is light.

  • Outer row of studs secures the yoke to the body.

  • Yoke the draft horses together.

  • With foileprint ( not embroidery ) in the middle of inside waistband and at the right back part yoke.

  • The jacket , topside and yoke assembly were separately lifted and installed by using a derrick barge.

  • Hold the yoke with Wrench 67 Remove the pinion shaft nut and washer.

  • Promise. also hold a yoke sometimes.

  • They came under the yoke of the English.

  • He carried two buckets a yoke, one at each end.

  • Every farmer knows how to yoke the oxen together.

  • In 1783 the American colonies finally shake off the yoke of England.

  • A switch is positioned in the base below the active yoke.

  • Align the installation reference marks on the propeller shaft and yoke and install the propeller shaft.

  • the yoke of imperialism

  • The introduction attempts to yoke the pieces together.


Meaning of yoke

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