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  • EN [ ˈju:θfl]
  • US [ ˈjuθfəl]

English definition


  • 1. suggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh

Example sentences

  • My youth and youthful strength fled long ago.

  • In what was a rare reunion, the trio startled onlookers with their youthful appearances.

  • It is this childlike wonder that gives enthusiastic people such a youthful air, whatever their age.

  • He has given up youthful follies.

  • Sun Wukong , his face lit up with youthful vigour, climbed up onto his throne.

  • Therefore, aging skin lacks the strength of youthful skin.

  • To maintain a youthful appearance, make it a habit to put on sunscreen.

  • If you want to retain youthful vigor, you have to take regular exercise.

  • Every summer a number of boys terminate their youthful career in a watery grave.

  • He believes the mission will atone for the terrifying youthful incident.

  • Through its gay melodies, he seemed to be pouring out his own youthful energy.

  • He will never lose his youthful vigour.

  • Ample in the mouth with good sweetness and youthful tannin.

  • Exercise will keep you youthful.

  • Helps promote radiance and youthful freshness while diminishing signs of stress and fatigue.

  • They're channelling the natural resources of youthful idealism into political action.

  • What visage ought a healthy , vital youthful generation to present?

  • Opening the health encyclopedia , you will find out the mystery of youthful Beauty.

  • The boy looked very youthful.

  • Her energy and youthful good looks belie her 65 years.

  • He was full of youthful idealism.

  • She's a very youthful 65.

  • The skin loses its youthful bloom.

  • Gary Glitter, 48, revealed the secret of his youthful looks.

  • Marian retains a restless, youthful spirit, in search of new horizons.

  • The early ambitions of youthful enthusiasm soon become tempered with realism.

  • A youthful teacher, he finds himself an unwilling participant in school politics.

  • I'm a very youthful 50.

  • Her tale has a consciously youthful tone and storyline, combined with a sly humour.

Synonym discrimination

  • young, youthful, juvenile, adolescent



Meaning of youthful

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