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  • EN [ ˈzɪɡzæɡ]
  • US [ ˈzɪɡzæɡ]

English definition


  • 1. an angular shape characterized by sharp turns in alternating directions


  • 1. travel along a zigzag path;

    • "The river zigzags through the countryside"


  • 1. having short sharp turns or angles


  • 1. in a zigzag course or on a zigzag path;

    • "birds flew zigzag across the blue sky"

Example sentences

  • The ray propagates in this zigzag fashion down the core until it reaches the other end.

  • The lightning made a zigzag in the sky.

  • There is a zigzag path in the garden.

  • He ran in a zigzag pattern.

  • After that, a method was explored for expanding mode radiation bandwidth of LCX zigzag slots, provide.

  • In the long river of China history, it walked along the zigzag riverbed.

  • The passage and chamber stones are also richly engraved with spiral, lozenge and zigzag motifs.

  • Fanfold: Also called Accordion fold , Concertina fold , Over and back fold , Zigzag fold.

  • The path climbed zigzag up the slope.

  • The zigzag path wound up to the peak.

  • The path ran zigzag up the hill.

  • He moves in a wild zigzag.

  • Yesterday went to a Xihu zigzag bridge, the scenery has been really beautiful.

  • Following the zigzag course of the river was more difficult than the hiker had anticipated.

  • This paper presents a method of calculating static sliding friction factor between zigzag slot and pin.

  • Take care when driving on this zigzag mountain road.

  • It is easy to operate . The drivers usually contest speed on zigzag ring roads.

  • An embroidery stitch that produces a decorative zigzag line.

  • It is easy to adjust the size of the width of zigzag stitch.

  • Do you know where the zigzag mountain path leads to?

  • The trace that the rider will leave on the snow will be a zigzag pattern.

  • The path runs zigzag up the hill.

  • At deformaion zone of production line, the zigzag drawing technology is adopted on the return bench.

  • The zigzag path became less and less distinct, ending finally in the mountains.

  • That zigzag route will slow their advance.

  • Using tem study the zigzag meters shrimp eye handle nerve cells that secrete distribution and characteristics.

  • They staggered in a zigzag across the tarmac.


Meaning of zigzag

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