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  • EN [ 'zɪɡzæɡɪŋ]
  • US [ 'zɪɡzæɡɪŋ]

Example sentences

  • She walked along, zigzagging with her head back.

  • We followed the path zigzagging up the steep slope.

  • The world multi - polarization trend continues to develop in a zigzagging process.

  • Life is a path winding in the mountain, bumpy and zigzagging.

  • You can always find paths zigzagging up the mountain.

  • This river has a zigzagging watercourse and many branches.

  • Dragonflies are glancing and zigzagging over the pond.

  • Rabbits bolted across the lawn, zigzagging frantically away.

  • Following those zigzagging lanes , different houses with unique windows jumped into your eyes.

  • It'serves you a visual feast of original countryside with the zigzagging and the rolling peaks.

  • There are three waterside pavilions, zigzagging bridges and covered walkways winding around the hills and ponds.

  • The dancers form a long conga line, wearing masks and hats zigzagging throughout the room.

  • Arctic terns also follow a zigzagging route on their spring trips back to Greenland.

  • This spring, villagers noticed a 200 meter - long crack, barely a centimeter thick , zigzagging across their paddies.

Meaning of zigzagging

There is relatively little information about zigzagging, maybe you can watch a bilingual story to relax your mood, I wish you a happy day!

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