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  • EN [ zə'kəʊnɪə]
  • US [ zə'koʊnɪr]

English definition


  • 1. a white crystalline oxide; used in refractories and in insulation and abrasives and enamels and glazes

Example sentences

  • The yttria stabilized zirconia ( YSZ ) electrolyte is fabricated by plaster casting method.

  • Ultrafine zirconia powder was prepared by coprecipitation and spray - drying method.

  • It has been found that zirconia is a promising HPLC packing support.

  • Zirconia cloth is an ideal separator material for the alkaline batteries.

  • Cubic Zirconia Machine Cut 100 % Fire Resistant for Jewelry Casting!

  • GREAT WALL GEMS FACTORY is a cubic zirconia manufacturer in Wuzhou, China.

  • A uniform stick zirconia was prepared by direct precipitation in the alcohol.

  • Special industrial ceramic 、 magnet material and machining parts , such as Zirconia, Alumina, NdFeB and AlNiCo products.

  • A large quantity of zirconia powder is used for plasm spraying to prepare thermal barrier coatings.

  • Binder removal is one of most time - consuming and significant process of injection molded zirconia ceramics.

  • Zirconia Toughened Mullite ( ZTM ) Ceramics is one of finest Performance high temperature structure ceramics.

  • The properties of corundum - mullite - zirconia grogs made by reaction - sintering process and their carbon - bonded materials have been investigated.

  • The results show that fused magnesia - zirconia material has better slag penetra - tion resistance than magnesia material.

  • Microstructure investigation showed that the zirconia and impurity phases were dispersed in the BN layer matrix.

  • Zirconia shows different selectivity from silica power of high performance liquid chromatography ( HPLC ).

Meaning of zirconia

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